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Our associates bring professional, confidential therapy and service! 

We are passionate about mental health and bring many years of experience in providing clinical services and helping people with varied emotional and psychological challenges to re-design their lives. 


We try our best to provide schedules that are both fast and flexible. 

Recovery and Mental Health Specialist


Online Video and Telephone sessions available.

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We adopt new methods to provide our best quality of service for you at the moment.​​​

Telebehavioral Health, or distance counselling is the use of a digital platform that provides secure, encrypted, audio, video conferencing to communicate with a client in real-time.  Many professional counsellors, therapists, psychologists have found Telebehavioral Health to be a great addition to their practice and their work with clients, including the ability to reach clients while obstacles may limit or prevent clients from in-person session. 

“I finally found one that actually listens and hear me. A counsellor is very accommodating and thorough. She really helps put things in perspective. I highly recommend for anyone who is scared to join its worth it. !”

Stacey W. 27 years

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